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Brand Communication , the original design for years he struggled to grab all the players back on the field as the ball was stopped. Graphic Design, Advertising and marketing professionals to build a common meaning of a brand that is synonymous with harvest time in a lifetime brand , they learned a great deal with very large budget and then buffeted by customers. Today the work of different disciplines together for survival and development of a brand with the information and make sense of the intensity of the world , and the importance of building new is conceived with the content .

Advertising agencies are enemies of today's trends and the habits of perception , it is not certain what she was doing Gone are the days of the digital . Today's market conditions remind us that we are in the same boat , understand what is waiting for a cold shower.

Internet in the light of the progress of science with the diversity it brings to our lives, every day is a new feature discovered in the human mind of the secrets we learn from us requested ' to create brand loyalty and maintain that occur with conventional methods , only our faith will live in a new time and budget loss is increasing.

AK Tasarım Advertising Agency under the umbrella of ' creative department ' learned that many industry professionals are asking us the same question ; ' What exactly are you doing ? '

To give a single answer to this question if : brands we imagined as an organism and are designing corporate identity and design -based life to institutions.

Different disciplines ' in peace together ' under the Design Flow hosting the roof of the brain from elsewhere are facing the same issues in writing a common story.